Teorema B/DB is very large and suitable to optimise production times. Powerful, reliable, highly technological, it is easy to use and maintain.
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Stroke of X axis 4.100 mm / 161”
Stroke of Y axis 5.400 mm / 213”
Stroke of Z axis 500/700 mm – 19”/28”
Rotation of C axis (for 4th axis) 360°
Rotation of A axis (for 5th lathe axis 360°
Inclination of W axis (for 4th or 5th or 6th axis) ±5°
Spindle power 13kW 17Hp / 18kW 24Hp / 22kW 30Hp
2 working surfaces 3.800 mm x 1.750 mm / 150” x 69”
Technical information and illustrations are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter them without notice, even while the order is in progress.