Teorema B35 5 is a machine of significant size, with a bridge type structure to ensure the absence of any vibrations on the work table, which is separate from the body of the machine. The presence of the 5th axis (lathe) means that complex machining operations can be handled with precision and speed. The length of the vertical axis stroke means that even pieces of considerable thickness can be created.
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Stroke of X axis 4.000 mm / 157”
Stroke of Y axis 4.000 mm / 157”
Stroke of Z axis 700/1.000 mm – 28”/39”
Rotation of C axis (for 4th axis) 360°
Rotation of A axis (for 5th lathe axis) 360°
Inclination of W axis (for 4th or 5th or 6th axis) ±5°
Spindle power 13kW 17Hp / 18kW 24Hp / 22kW 30Hp
Technical information and illustrations are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter them without notice, even while the order is in progress.